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Lawn Services

Lawn Care

With over 30 years of experience in Marion County, Brick City offers a comprehensive six-phase lawn program to help you have the best lawn on your block. Our program focuses on the changing weather and seasonal patterns, keeping the program flexible and responsive. Maintaining your lawn while remaining environmentally conscious is our goal. All our specialists are certified in Florida Friendly Best Management Practices.

What you can expect from our six-phase program:

  • Late Winter: Nutrients are supplied to welcome the warm spring temperatures; Weed control to prevent springtime weeds.
  • Early Spring: Premium slow release granular fertilization and micronutrients are supplied for springtime bloom; Post-emergent weed control to get rid of the tougher weeds.
  • Late Spring: Residual insecticides are used to prepare for summer to stop damaging insects before they multiply. Prevention is key.
  • Summer: Monitor and control insect population, lawn coloration balance and disease. Treat any insect as soon as detected including chinch bugs, sod web worms, army worms, spittle bugs and fire ants.
  • Early Fall: Continue eliminating ALL turf-damaging insects; Pre-emergent herbicides applied for weed control; Premium slow release granular fertilizer applied for nutrition as the "growing" season wraps up.
  • Late Fall/Early Winter: "Winterize" your lawn with premium granular application to promote root strength for the winter. A healthy, strong root system is the foundation of a healthy lawn year-round!

Ornamental Plant Care

We also offer a customized treatment plan for ornamental plants that takes into account their unique traits and their ability to withstand insects and disease. Our professional evaluation helps us determine which plants need care and which do not. Care includes root zone applications including systemic products to improve overall plant performance, color and resistance against insects and disease.

Dos and Don’ts for Lawns

Beautiful Lawn

Your lawn can be beautiful all year long. Florida lawns should be the most attractive in the country because of the almost year-long growing season we enjoy. However, just wishing for a “showplace” lawn does not produce takes a joint effort of the owner, the lawn spraying company, and the mower. We have designed our services to help produce the best lawn on your street, but we cannot do it alone.

Here is a list of items that will, if followed, prove invaluable to the performance of your lawn:

  • A lawn is ready for watering when the leaf blades start to fold in half lengthwise or when footprints remain visible for a few minutes. Unless rain is forecast in the next 24 hours, irrigate when about 50% of your lawn shows this stress.
  • Keep your St. Augustine grass mowed between 3½" and 4". The higher the grass, the more extensive the root system becomes. Do not scalp your grass.
  • Regardless of the season, when water is applied, it should be to a depth of at least ½" per watering session.
  • Watering should be done only in the early morning hours. Leaf blades should be allowed to dry out fully during the day.
  • Check with your local Water Management District for information on watering restrictions.
  • Be sure your sprinkler system has full coverage and is calibrated to water each zone properly.
  • Make sure mowing blades are sharp. Dull blades will tear the grass causing the torn ends to die and look gray.
  • Do not water too long or too light in any season. Improper watering can ruin a lawn.
  • Do not allow children or pets on treated areas until dry.
  • Top-dress your lawn with sterilized sand periodically to reduce thatch problems.

Regarding Weed Control

There are both controllable and uncontrollable broadleaf weeds. Due to biologies very similar to our Florida turfgrasses, many “grass” or sedge-type weeds are uncontrollable; however, control of these weeds is most likely to occur with pre-emergent treatment consistently applied over a couple of years. Weather conditions often dictate the degree of control.

Free Inspection

Brick City Guarantee

If pest issues arise between our regularly scheduled visits, we return - at no additional charge! You can have peace of mind knowing that Brick City Pest Control has your home and your family protected from the constant and ever-changing threat of pests.