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Brick City Commercial
Pest Prevention and Control


Our objective is to build long-lasting relationships with our business and property management partners.

Whether you manage a dozen buildings or own a small business in North Central Florida, Brick City Pest Control knows the special challenges faced today by everyone involved with a commercial property. Commercial pest control needs are often more demanding and require careful scheduling and thoughtful prevention and control choices. For these reasons, Brick City Pest Control is your best choice in Marion Country for commercial pest control. We are local, right here in your area, and we provide an unsurpassed level of service!

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The Local Difference is in our 3-phase Approach!

  • Phase 1: Free Inspection and Pest Evaluation

    To provide properties and businesses with the highest level of protection, we know it involves a lot more than just properly identifying the pest - it is critical to identify the underlying reasons for the existing issue and possible future pest issues. Our free inspection includes a thorough walk-through by our team of professionals followed by a full report of findings. Brick City’s pest specialists will make note of current issues and find the cause so the problem can be taken care of once and for all.

  • Phase 2: Customized Treatment Plan

    No two properties or businesses are the same - so why offer just one solution? Brick City Pest Control approaches each and every situation in the Marion County area in a unique manner. Extensive training, cutting edge methods, the latest technology and resources are all taken into consideration in order to provide the best pest management performance for your specific property or business. Whether it’s a warehouse, school, restaurant, store, or other type of commercial property, we will address your business’ needs on an individual basis.

  • Phase 3: Treatment

    Our focus is on protecting your property, your employees and your customers. We maintain certifications in Florida-Friendly, Green Industries Best Management Practices. Our carefully chosen materials and methods help to create a pest-free environment in a safe, environmentally responsible way. Brick City Pest Control is there to add value to both your property and business. You can count on us to meet your needs.

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It’s Convenient. It’s Affordable. And it’s Guaranteed!
It’s Brick City Pest Control! Call us today to schedule an inspection of your Marion County commerical property or business.

Free Inspection

Brick City Guarantee

If pest issues arise between our regularly scheduled visits, we return - at no additional charge! You can have peace of mind knowing that Brick City Pest Control has your home and your family protected from the constant and ever-changing threat of pests.