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About Our Company

We want to present flexibility, experience, home town owned, and a customized solution and not a “one-size-fits-all” solution.

Today, the concept of Integrated Pest Management — with its emphasis on identification, inspection, and selection of the best methods in each situation — replaces the routine spraying of baseboards and other surfaces. Today, many consumers are not paying for "spraying," nor do they want routine pesticide treatments. While most homeowners do not know what Integrated Pest Management is, most say they would pay more for pest management that controls the pest using less pesticide or no pesticide at all. After all, anyone can spray baseboards, including homeowners. But few people have the knowledge required to control every type of pest in every situation.

Brick City Pest Control's Strength's:

We're Local

Marion County is our home. We can anticipate and be responsive to the needs of our customers because we live here. Service packages and treatment methods are based on what works for our home and yours.


We know pest and property protection issues may be quite different from one side of Marion County to the next. We also know pest and property protection issues may be quite different from one neighbor to the next! That's why our Program was developed. It responds and protects against current and pending threats to each particular customer. To be successful you have to be "customer specific". Everyone's different.


At every level, Brick City Pest has a finger on the pulse of the latest, cutting-edge technology, materials, and methods. Our customers know, that new technology and innovation is put to work, sometimes months, before others bring it to the general market.


Brick City Pest Control is Certified with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Services in all four Categories of Pest Control, including: General Household Pest and Rodent Control, Termite and Wood Destroying Organism Control, Lawn and Ornamental Pest Control, and Fumigation. Just being certified is not enough. In addition to certification-required continuing education, Brick City Pest Control also belongs to the Certified Pest Control Operators Association of Florida (CPCO), Florida Pest Management Association (FPMA), and the National Pest Management Association (NPMA).

Free Inspection

Brick City Guarantee

If pest issues arise between our regularly scheduled visits, we return - at no additional charge! You can have peace of mind knowing that Brick City Pest Control has your home and your family protected from the constant and ever-changing threat of pests.