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Rodent Control

Brick City Rodent Control

Marion County’s beautiful waterways, tourist industry and moderate temperatures make excellent environments for one of the world’s most adaptable pests: rodents. From Silver Springs to McIntosh to Belleview, rodents love North Central Florida’s variety of habitats, especially your home.

In Brick City Pest Control’s 30 years, our locally-focused treatments and techniques address all of your hometown rodent concerns, keeping your home and your family’s customized needs at the forefront of our environmentally-minded 3-phase approach. Marion County’s most common rodents include:

  • Common House Mice

    Common House Mice

    Cute and cuddly in movies, house mice can make good pets but, as uninvited guests, house mice invade more homes than rats do, due to their smaller size. In fact, determined house mice can enter your home through an opening no larger than a dime. Although they don’t usually live in your home but in a nest nearby, house mice range from 4.5 inches to 6 inches in length, have large ears, pointy noses, sharp flat teeth and long tails.

  • Roof Rats

    Roof Rats

    Known throughout Florida as citrus or fruit rats because of their preferred diet, adult roof rats grow to 8 inches in length, with light gray or brown coats, sharp noses, large, hairless ears and 9-inch tails.

  • The Norway Rats

    Norway Rats

    The largest of Central Florida’s rodents, Norway rats stowed away in ships bound for the US in 1775. With long tails, brown coats, small, close-set ears and blunt teeth, Norway rats can measure from 12-18 inches.

Structural damage and disease-carrying rodents pose threats

In an effort to keep their teeth filed down, rodents must chew on a constant basis. When rodents invade your home, they will chew on building materials and electrical wiring, causing fires and expensive structural damage to your Marion County home.

Spreading diseases, such as Hantavirus, Listeria and other pathogens through their close association with disease-carrying ticks, fleas and feasting insects, you and your family’s health stand at risk when rodents invade your home. Also, rodents will, if threatened, bite humans and other animals, putting small children and pets in immediate danger.

Rodent dangers need to be addressed as soon as possible

Due to their nocturnal natures, North Central Floridians may not be aware that they are sharing their homes with rodents. Scurrying noises in your attics and walls, evidence of chewing and droppings found near food sources indicate rodent activity. If you suspect you may have a rodent issue, don’t wait to call Brick City Pest Control. As rodent populations multiply rapidly, there’s no time to waste.

Brick City’s 3-phase approach to pest control

As the premiere pest control service provider for Ocala and Marion County properties, we offer the most comprehensive environmentally-minded pest control solutions in the North Central Florida area.

  1. Addressing your rodent concerns, Brick City’s licensed and certified pest specialists perform a thorough rodent inspection of your property, compiling a full report of their findings.
  2. Analyzing your specific needs, our pest experts develop a plan to treat your home, keeping your family and home’s needs in mind.
  3. Treating your home for rodents, monitoring rodent activity and ultimately eliminating and excluding rodents from your home is the reason we’re the best.

It’s simple. Great Hometown Service. Best protection. It’s Convenient. It’s Affordable. And it’s Guaranteed. It’s Brick City Pest Control!

Free Inspection

Brick City Guarantee

If pest issues arise between our regularly scheduled visits, we return - at no additional charge! You can have peace of mind knowing that Brick City Pest Control has your home and your family protected from the constant and ever-changing threat of pests.